Snapshot: Bare metal restore used by half of storage managers

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Can you do bare-metal restores?

Storage readers haven't exactly bought into the promise of bare-metal restore (BMR)--rebuilding a server from scratch in minutes. Less than half of respondents make use of the technology in their shops, and some don't even know what BMR is. "Bare-metal restores are often kludgy and inconvenient. If you patch your Windows boxes regularly, your bare-metal image must change with each patch set," writes a reader. Image backups of a system also take up a lot of space. Nevertheless, among readers who don't currently use BMR software, 29% are evaluating it or planning to evaluate it in the next year. "Admins who don't perform bare-metal images are asking for migraines," writes another reader. "When a server fails, I have it back up and running in less than 45 minutes."

Do you make bare-metal images of your servers?
Describe the BMR software in your environment.
Are you considering BMR software?

This was first published in January 2006
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