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  • 3D XPoint

    Definition -3D XPoint is a storage technology that was jointly developed by Micron Technology and Intel. 3D XPoint utilizes a unique architecture from current flash storage offerings. Micron and Intel claim the technology is up to 1,000 faster than NAND flash and will claim a place in the storage market between NAND flash and DRAM.

  • What data reduction strategies improve flash performance?

    Answer -Data reduction techniques are important for increasing capacity on SSDs. Compression and deduplication are the most well-known, but other techniques can fill similar roles.

  • What important NVMe 1.2 developments should I know about?

    Answer -We know about solid-state standards like NVMe and SCSI Express, but some developments, such as using system RAM, should be on your radar. Find out how these factors affect SSD storage.

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