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  • Buyer’s checklist to solid-state storage arrays

    E-Handbook -Solid-state storage has typically been deployed to solve specific application performance problems. But as flash prices fall, it is becoming more and more widely deployed. Today, most enterprise storage systems come with at least some solid-state storage on board. These hybrid arrays use flash for active data while less frequently accessed data resides on disk. And all-flash arrays have evolved beyond low-capacity, high-performance systems to become fully featured arrays suitable for general purpose storage. Choosing between the two is just one consideration for storage administrators. Our Buyer’s Checklist on solid-state storage explains the pros and cons of different flash options to help you decide the best fit for your environment.

  • solid-state storage

    Definition -Solid-state storage refers to non-volatile storage based on flash memory. This type of storage is used in solid-state drives.

  • SanDisk upgrades PCIe flash storage with its own NAND

    News -SanDisk switches from Micron NAND memory to its own in latest version of PCIe flash technology acquired from Fusion-io.

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