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  • Virtual flash caching increases SSD efficiency for VMware, Hyper-V

    Feature -To get the greatest benefit from virtual flash caching, you need to understand how your hypervisor uses the cache and then add flash storage.

  • Overcome virtual machine performance issues with flash storage

    E-Handbook -Flash-based storage is the logical choice to tackle virtual machine performance issues thanks to its zero-latency, high-performance capabilities that make it impervious to random I/O workloads. But flash comes at a premium versus hard disk technology, so data center managers need to deploy their flash resources judiciously. When solving the IOPS problem, IT managers have two choices: server-side flash or storage-side solid-state drives. But given the dynamic nature of VMs, it may be necessary to deploy both forms of flash when premium performance is necessary.

    Our experts explore the nitty-gritty technical merits of VMware and Microsoft offerings in this space. Learn the difference between host-level and cluster-level objects, and why it’s important not to neglect your network and bandwidth options when combining two of today’s hottest technologies to maximize system performance.

  • Tegile Systems launches new lower-capacity flash arrays

    News -Tegile Systems' new lower-capacity all-flash arrays add encryption support, enhanced application profiles and a customer analytics portal.

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