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  • Choosing the correct laptop SSDAnswer - Leah Schoeb, partner with Evaluator Group, discusses the important considerations for selecting the right laptop SSD.
  • Adding SSD to a tiered storage systemAnswer - Find out whether you need to invest in new management software when adding SSD to a tiered storage system in this Expert Response from Marc Staimer.
  • Best practices for SSD technologiesFeature - No longer a luxury item for well-heeled data centers, SSD technologies are more affordable than ever and come in a variety of form factors with a choice of deployment options.
  • Define SSD: Top terms you need to knowFeature - How do you define SSD? Check out this list of important SSD terms. The list includes terms you should know and some that may seem obscure.

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  • mSATA SSD (mSATA solid-state drive)

    Definition -An mSATA SSD is a solid-state drive (SSD) that is designed for use with portable, space-constrained devices such as laptops and netbooks.

  • hot plug

    Definition -Hot plug is the addition of a component to a running computer system without significant interruption to the operation of the system.

  • Violin, WD and Toshiba announce new flash products

    News -Violin Memory, Western Digital and Toshiba release flash products, including management software and a drive that combines flash and traditional disk.

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SSD array implementations from searchSolidStateStorage.com

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Solid state cache appliance implementations from searchSolidStateStorage.com

  • Enterprise flash storage moves from infancy to maturity

    Feature -Enterprise flash storage technology is hot for its ability to speed application performance. See what's up with flash now and where it's headed.

  • What you need to know about flash caching

    Feature -Using solid-state storage as cache can boost server and application performance dramatically, but the kind of flash cache you choose is critical.

  • A lesson in flash caching

    E-Zine -Solid-state storage is proliferating as a replacement for hard disk drives, where it offers a quick shift into the fast lane of storage processing. But flash can also be used with hard disks for a low-cost solution that delivers nearly equivalent performance. Using flash caching produces faster writes and even faster reads. But it’s important to know that there are three basic types of caching -- file-level, block-level and aggregated caching -- each with its own best-use case.

    Object-storage is hot, with lots of buzz about how this new storage architecture offers enormous scalability, better file management and lower cost. We’ll tell you what it’s all about and how it might fit into your environment.

    The results of our ninth annual Quality Awards survey for backup and recovery software are in; see which midrange and enterprise backup applications users have the most confidence in.

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Server-based SSD implementations from searchSolidStateStorage.com

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