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  • Zerto disaster recovery products get boost with $20M investment

    BLOGPOST -With a new round of $20 million in funding, business continuity/disaster recovery software vendor Zerto plans to double its engineering force by the end of the year to accelerate product releases. ...

  • IT resilience vs. disaster recovery: What's better for your business?

    BLOGPOST -DR may be dying. The term DR, that is, not the actual process of disaster recovery. There is a move in the industry to replace the phrase with "IT resilience." At last week's ZertoCON business ...

  • disaster recovery site (DR site)

    Definition -An organization uses a disaster recovery (DR) site to recover and restore its technology infrastructure and operations when its primary facility becomes unavailable. In deciding the location and setup of a disaster recovery site, a business must weigh costs against any risks, and heavily consider distance between the DR facility and the primary data center.

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