Database storage

  • May 26, 2016 26 May'16

    Symbolic IO's IRIS makes eyes at in-memory storage

    Symbolic IO emerges from stealth, with a claim that its IRIS product can shrink memory-based storage, rehydrate it quickly in RAM and preserve it intact.

  • October 13, 2010 13 Oct'10

    EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) takes on Oracle Exadata

    EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) brings vendor to data warehouse appliance market to challenge Oracle Exadata, Netezza TwinFin 12, Teradata 2580.

  • November 05, 2009 05 Nov'09

    Brocade SAN gear certified for Oracle bundles

    Brocade SAN gear certified for Oracle bundles; Dot Hill rolls out storage systems with solid state drives (SSDs); CommVault qualifies Permabit's archiving platform.

  • April 29, 2009 29 Apr'09

    Oracle and LSI claim BLOB performance breakthrough

    Oracle Database 11g's SecureFiles running on LSI's Engenio 7900 storage system can compete with file system performance while storing unstructured data objects in a database for better metadata management, the vendors claim.

  • April 20, 2009 20 Apr'09

    Analysts see Oracle-Sun deal as storage 'game changer'

    Oracle's plan to deliver systems "from application to disk" will have it competing with its biggest storage partners, according to industry experts.

  • September 23, 2008 23 Sep'08

    EMC, Pillar offer options to boost Oracle performance on storage disk arrays

    EMC tunes Oracle with solid-state drives and a services assessment for Symmetrix customers, while Pillar tweaks Oracle applications for its Axiom storage arrays that will offer automated, granular quality of service on its storage disk arrays.

  • October 04, 2007 04 Oct'07

    Oracle NFS client simplifies managing 11g database storage

    An NFS client developed by Oracle and NetApp and embedded in version 11g will make life easier for storage administrators managing the database when it's attached to NAS.

  • November 15, 2006 15 Nov'06

    Rough going for Exchange replication

    Replicating databases for disaster recovery isn't easy, and Microsoft Exchange is no exception.

  • September 23, 2005 23 Sep'05

    Users solve Exchange backup issues

    Exchange server can often be a thorn in a storage admin's side -- a problem they solve with separate e-mail archive databases, which can also address performance issues.

  • January 28, 2005 28 Jan'05

    NetApp charges for Oracle data integrity

    SnapValidator software adds an extra level of checking to avoid data-overwriting for users running Oracle databases on NetApp filers. But it'll cost you.

  • December 03, 2003 03 Dec'03

    EMC adds database archiving to ILM products

    In an effort to expand its Information Lifecycle Management strategy, EMC has announced plans to OEM database archiving software from startup OuterBay Technologies.

  • June 01, 2003 01 Jun'03

    Optimize database storage

    In this article, author and consultant Jim Booth maintains that different database objects may each require their own type of storage to make the database operations run more smoothly. Whether you're dealing with tablespaces, indexes, redo logs or ...

  • November 25, 2002 25 Nov'02

    High availability advice: Point-to-point connections and database replication

    High availability advice: Calculating availability for point-to-point connections and the pros and cons of replicating a database

  • April 02, 2002 02 Apr'02

    NetApp rolls out first DAFS-enabled storage products

    NetApp rolls out the first storage products to utilize the Direct Access File System (DAFS). Many have demonstrated DAFS technology but NetApp is the first to bring products to the street.

  • July 24, 2001 24 Jul'01

    The fat free storage diet

    A N.J.-based company has debuted two archiving products that will help users get a grasp of their data.