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Storage system software

The Storage magazine/ 2012 Products of the Year enterprise storage system software category covers file systems, volume management, storage virtualization software, security software, storage optimization applications and data reduction.

Winning selections in the storage system software category include the latest version of Microsoft's server operating system, a software product that reduces virtual desktop infrastructure requirements and a server-based flash caching product.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Gold winner Storage 2012 Products of the Year Windows Server 2012 provides two installation options: Server Core installation and Server with a GUI. Customers have the flexibility to switch between options during use. File and Storage Services in Windows Server 2012 provide a unified storage platform for Windows, Linux and Unix information worker data, as well as Microsoft and VMware applications. Windows Server 2012 lets customers manage multiple servers through a single interface, provides increased efficiency through PowerShell scripting for automation, and offers a consistent management experience across physical and virtual platforms.

Atlantis Computing ILIO Diskless VDI 3.0

Silver winner Storage 2012 Products of the Year Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI 3.0 automates the deployment, installation, sizing, configuration and recovery of storage for virtual desktops using only software and local server RAM. The product performs content-aware analyses of I/O operations in real-time at the NTFS file system and block levels. Inline deduplication in real-time is performed on-the-wire before I/O transactions reach the storage fabric, reducing the storage required. Atlantis ILIO's approach to storage optimization converts small random blocks generated by the operating systems and hypervisors into larger blocks of sequential I/O.

VeloBit Inc. HyperCache 1.12

Bronze winner Storage 2012 Products of the Year VeloBit HyperCache 1.12 supports read cache (write-through) and write cache (write-back) modes. It automatically tunes to optimize performance for each application or database. Detailed performance metrics are displayed in real-time. A variety of algorithm optimizations, including the Conservative Insertion Protocol, lower the solid-state drive (SSD) write load, decrease the frequency of garbage collection and improve performance. Content locality caching prioritizes data blocks based on the popularity of their contents, producing higher cache hit rates, increasing performance and lowering SSD wear.

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