Storage infrastruggle: Jon Toigo on today's data management issues

Jon Toigo outlines today's data management issues

In this video tip series, Jon Toigo outlines the seven most important data management issues that make up what he calls the 'storage infrastruggle.'

According to Jon Toigo, CEO of Toigo Partners International and chairman of the Data Management Institute, 2012 finds a majority of data storage professionals knee-deep in a 'storage infrastruggle' -- an expression he created to describe the mix of drivers and trends that create architectural and infrastructure options for IT planners and, in turn, shape the discussion and debate around them.

Among the data management issues storage pros will need to deal with are unmanaged data, server virtualization, the use of hard disk to store everything, oversubscribed and underutilized storage hardware, value-add technologies and storage cloud hype. Adding to these technological challenges, according to Toigo, are the day-to-day issues that must be dealt with -- rising energy costs that impact the operation of the data center, the need to retain and preserve information to meet data compliance regulations, and the constant struggle to stretch the storage budget further and perhaps with fewer resources.

The following video tips from Toigo will help storage pros focus on their issues and help them create a strategic data management plan for the future.

Table of contents:

Video tip 1: Data management strategies help storage pros cope with data growth

Organizations don't manage data very well -- we keep numerous copies of the same data, don't move rarely accessed data to a different storage tier and allow employees to save their personal photos, playlists and other material. By not managing our data, storage pros lose control over their capacity growth, which ultimately leads to an increase in infrastructure costs. Find out the data storage techniques you can use to wrangle the unmanaged data in your environment.

Video tip 2: Server virtualization requirements and their impact on a data management environment

Over the next two years, some industry firms predict, storage capacity requirements will increase by more than 300%. Understanding the storage implications of virtualization practices has become a critical part of the IT planning process.

Video tip 3: Using hard disk storage everywhere is a problem, not a solution

Despite year-over-year capacity gains in hard disk technology, disk isn't always the most beneficial strategy for every scenario. This "disk everywhere" dogma can lead to wasted dollars as technologies like tape and solid-state drives provide more efficient solutions for performance and archiving operations.

Video tip 4: How vendors benefit from disrupting data storage hierarchy strategies

Jon Toigo takes on the slew of new software offerings designed to change traditional storage strategies and tape storage technologies. In his view, these new offerings make challenging IT situations even more confusing.

Video tip 5: Want to use storage efficiently? Value-add software won't help

Implementing auto tiering, thin provisioning and data deduplication won’t necessarily guarantee that your data is used efficiently. That's why Toigo encourages storage pros to focus on storage capacity utilization (how well applications use storage) over capacity allocation efficiency (how well storage is organized).

Video tip 6: Cloud data storage issues still loom for storage administrators

While a cloud storage implementation might ease some storage administration tasks, the issues surrounding the cloud are the same as those found in traditional, on-premises storage. For that reason, cloud storage won't contribute to the end of the 'storage infrastruggle,' according to Jon Toigo.

Video tip 7: Examining data storage strategies and decision making in today's IT environment

With vendors becoming increasingly savvy at marketing to business executives, it's more important than ever for IT decision makers to understand their data storage needs and outline the business case for needed products. Toigo outlines ways IT pros can keep the focus on technology and the bottom line at the same time.