FlexPod vs. Vblock: A comparison of the integrated stacks

FlexPod vs. Vblock: Comparing integrated stacks

Explore definitions, product comparisons and current market statistics to understand and determine which integrated stack is right for your environment.

Companies considering an integrated technology stack -- a framework that combines server, storage and networking gear -- to support their server virtualization environments are likely to find themselves making the FlexPod vs. Vblock comparison. The components of these frameworks come from different vendors, but are pretested to work together as integrated stacks. When comparing FlexPod and Vblock, the biggest difference is that a Vblock stack is purchased preconfigured into one integrated stack, while FlexPod must be constructed post-purchase using NetApp guidelines. This FlexPod vs. Vblock guide compares the two integrated stacks by delving into product descriptions, use cases and market trends so you can determine which one might work better in your virtual environment.

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FlexPod architecture consolidates data center resources

Online advertising and magazine company Dominion Enterprises used the FlexPod reference architecture for its two data centers to consolidate a growing environment. Using NetApp storage, Cisco UCS switches and VMware virtual machines (VMs), Dominion was able to reduce the capacity of its VMs by more than 60% and limit its 25% yearly growth.


Newest developments with the Vblock integrated stack

The Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) -- a joint venture between VMware, Cisco and EMC -- offers Vblock, an integrated stack that combines EMC storage, Cisco servers and Intel processors, and supports VMware virtual environments. In May 2012, an upgrade to the platform added several features, including support for EMC VPLEX, backup technology and a Unified Infrastructure Manager. Watch this Vblock video to get an in-depth view of all the developments, and then click on the related links below to get information on additional updates.


Market adoption: FlexPod vs. Vblock

FlexPod and Vblock are different products, but they both partner with Cisco and VMware for their integrated stacks. This raises the question of which vendor has control of the integrated products. In this article on the outlook for converged infrastructures, Chris Mellor points out that both FlexPod and Vblock need to provide greater integration to survive.