EMC World 2012: Big data, cloud services and VMAX shape the agenda

EMC World 2012: Big data, cloud services and VMAX shape the agenda

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The SearchStorage.com news team is on the scene at the EMC World 2012 show, providing live coverage and independent analysis of the annual four-day event where EMC showcases its roadmap and upgrades for new and existing products. Storage Media Group editorial director Rich Castagna (@RichCastagnaTT), senior news editor Dave Raffo and senior site editor Andrew Burton (@AndrewBurtonTT) are talking with EMC World 2012 attendees to get their views on the latest news from the EMC conference. Of course, every IT show needs a buzz phrase, and this year’s EMC World 2012 theme is “transformation.” In outlining themes for the show, EMC COO Pat Gelsinger highlighted the cloud and big data analytics as “transformative technologies.” For more coverage of keynotes and what the EMC community is saying about the show, check out our ongoing team coverage.

Table of contents:

EMC World 2012 Wrap Up

EMC World 2012 Wrap: Sneak peaks at Projects X and Thunder

EMC was stingy with details of its pet flash projects during most of EMC World 2012, but offered glimpses of early versions of “Project X” and “Project Thunder” Tuesday during chief marketing officer Jeremy Burton’s keynote on future technologies.

EMC World 2012: Day Three Coverage

VCE Chairman Michael Capellas

VCE Chairman Michael Capellas

VCE intros new Vblock infrastructure package, EMC data protection

The VCE Company has a new Vblock infrastructure package addition, the Series 700 Model LX. And the group announces Vblock’s integration with EMC VPLEX, Avamar, Data Domain and RecoverPoint.

EMC Data Domain enhancements rub out GDA, Archiver

EMC this week launches a new Data Domain system called the DD990, discontinues Data Domain Global Deduplication Array (GDA) and Data Domain Archiver, and adds tape support for Avamar.


Syncplicity customers welcome EMC heft behind product

Satisfied Syncplicity customers say they hope EMC continues the company’s focus on security and adds some enterprise functionality.

Vblock revenue could spike to $3 billion in 2013

VCE Chairman Michael Capellas says Vblock is on track to hit $3 billion in revenue.

XtremIO exec offers up glimpse of the future

XtremIO exec Josh Goldstein tosses out big numbers, saying the company’s technology can achieve unlimited IOPS.

EMC World 2012: Day Two Coverage

EMC CEO Joe Tucci

EMC CEO Joe Tucci

Hybrid storage solutions for flash, cloud top EMC plans

In his EMC conference keynote, CEO Joe Tucci outlined the company’s hybrid strategies for SSD technology and storage clouds.

HDS, EMC battle for federated storage bragging rights

A chief scientist at HDS disputed EMC’s claims of a competitive edge in a new federated offering.

EMC says flash will have many homes inside data centers

EMC says that flash technology will live in arrays, servers, hybrid solutions—just about everywhere.

Customers shouldn’t bet on cloud backup just yet, says EMC

EMC unveiled a new Data Domain back-up device, the DD990, at EMC World 2012, and declared that cloud black-up services aren’t ready for prime time.

Tucci and Fusion-IO CEO mix it up over flash

Whether flash technology should reside throughout the data center or just one location depends on whom you ask.

EMC World 2012: Day One Coverage

EMC conference opens with VMAX, Data Domain upgrades

A slew of product upgrades and some new additions to the EMC’s cloud offerings topped the list of early announcements.

Where's the flash?

EMC has been talking flash so much lately that it’s surprising to hear so little about the technology at the show.


Tucci invents a ‘Name that creep contest’

Did CEO Joe Tucci not see the promotional materials ahead of time? He was “creeped out” by the image of a guy with clouds and cables spilling out of his head.