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WAN acceleration and WAFS technology

WAN-WAFS additional resources

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  • How to purchase WAN and WAFS optimization products

    Buying Guide -  Instead of maintaining ad hoc IT infrastructures at each remote office, consolidation moves the IT resources back to a main data center, allowing centralized applications and data to be accessed remotely across a WAN link. WAFS is a key technology for...

  • WAN/WAFS platform specifications

    Buying Guide -  WAFS products support the efficient exchange of data between remote locations over a WAN, allowing remote offices to access data from a data center as if it were local. WAFS can typically support a wide range of applications across virtually any WAN...

  • Dispelling myths: The truth about WAFS

    01 Feb 2006

    Article -  As WAFS products roll out across the country, users must figure out which approach works best in their environments.

  • Tech Roundup: WAFS products

    21 Jan 2006

    Article -  According to analysts, about 80% of corporate data exists outside of the data center, usually tucked away on user laptops or relegated to remote servers in distant offices. In most cases, that data is only synchronized with the main data center through...