Tiered storage data classification tools

Storage Tiered storage data classification tools:

Tiered storage data classification tools

Data classification is generally a two-part process. An organization must first understand the business value of applications and data, then store and protect that data at the appropriate service levels. In effect, data classification is used to align business applications with the storage infrastructure. While this may sound simple on the surface, data classification is actually one of the most difficult initiatives for an organization to successfully complete -- often because an organization cannot locate all of its data, categorize it properly or determine its business value. This chapter of the Tiered Storage All-in-One Guide will cover specific considerations for data classification tools.

Tiered storage data classification product specifications:

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  • Data classification product specifications

    All-in-One Guide -  The product snapshots in this chapter of the Tiered Storage Buying guide highlight key specifications for a cross-section of data classification products.

Tiered storage data classification tool purchase considerations:

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