Tape encryption tools

Encrypting data "at the tape" gives storage administrators several advantages. Tape-based encryption uses hardware on the drive itself, so encryption is fast -- it doesn't congest the backup server and slow the backup process. Once encrypted, administrators can send tapes offsite with the knowledge that their contents are secure and can help them meet regulatory obligations. This chapter focuses on specific considerations for LTO-4 tape drives. After that, you'll find a series of specifications to help make on-the-spot comparisons of products from vendors

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  • Tape encryption tool purchase considerations

    Buying Guide -  Storage administrators who use tape-based encryption won't slow up their backups and will have peace of mind knowing that the tape content is secure. But LTO-4 tape drives have specific encryption issues.

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    16 Mar 2006

    Article -  With tape and disk encryption products becoming more popular, storage administrators have more options in how to protect sensitive information at rest in the data center and in flight across public networks.