Storage virtualization product-buying advice

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Storage virtualization product-buying advice

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  • Virtual SAN product specifications

    Buying Guide -  Virtual SANs can improve manageability, maintain security, improve utilization, simplify troubleshooting and ease disruptions during upgrades or changes. The product snapshots in this chapter highlight key specifications for a cross-section of popular...

  • Storage switch growth spurred by new features

    Buyer's Guide -  A switch separates a network into segments. This helps to manage network traffic by passing traffic at wire speeds to only the segment(s) that host destination nodes. But, network needs vary dramatically, and switches have proliferated in size and...

  • Virtualization: Choosing the right platform

    Tip -  This tip outlines the process of one administrator's virtualization project, so you can learn how to choose a platform that works well in your environment.

  • Four steps for evaluating storage virtualization products

    Tip -  Is storage virtualization for you?