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Storage system software

The Storage magazine/ storage system software 2011 Products of the Year category covers file systems, volume management, storage virtualization software, security software, storage optimization applications and data reduction.

Winning selections in this area are a file-based cache product, a virtual clustered file system and volume management suite, and a caching software product that targets virtual server environments.

UPDATE: Get the winners in Storage magazine's/'s 2012 storage system software category.

In this part:

Nevex Virtual Technologies CacheWorks 1.0

Gold Winner 2011 POYThe cache optimization technology of Nevex Virtual Technologies CacheWorks 1.0 lets data storage administrators accelerate specific data by application, file type and location. The product installs on physical and virtual servers, and offloads I/O from primary storage to local high-performance media so storage is used for capacity, not overprovisioned for performance.

Sanbolic Melio V3.5

Silver Winner 2011 POYThe Sanbolic Melio V3.5 virtual clustered file system and volume management suite offers extended hypervisor support and integration; local server storage sharing that lets users create shared storage pools using internal storage from existing server assets; and synchronous and asynchronous mirroring and replication.

Fusion-io ioTurbine

Bronze Winner 2011 POYThe Fusion-io ioTurbine caching software runs in the background as a component in the hypervisor and guest OS. By coupling with file system I/O routines in the guest OS, ioTurbine can redirect I/O patterns so flash storage is shared across all hosted virtual machines (VMs). The product is said to dynamically rebalance I/O as VMs come and go, supporting vMotion and the movement of VMs from host to host.