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Storage explained

Our Storage Explained series of articles will give you an in-depth understanding of leading-edge storage technologies in order to help you leverage these technologies in your storage infrastructure.

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  • Data storage management in virtual server environments

    Special Report -  What are the pros and cons of Fibre Channel and iSCSI in virtual server environments? How does 10 GbE influence SAN management? Find out how users are evaluating iSCSI, the impact of server virtualization and listen to our podcast to determine your IT...

  • Data storage and wide-area networks in 2009

    Special Report -  Data storage spending patterns show disaster recovery (DR) is becoming the key driver for using wide-area networks (WANs). This four-part Special Report outlines the changing relationship between storage and the WAN, and offers practical tips for...

  • Tiered storage tutorial

    Tutorial -  Find out what tiered storage is, the key technologies behind it, and how tiered storage can lower operational costs while improving application performance.

  • Buying storage capacity in 2009

    Special Report -  Market research shows data growing while budgets shrink in tough economic times, leading storage administrators to look at new technologies to cope. The global economic downturn has users delaying top-tier capacity purchases and moving whatever data they...

  • The evolution of RAID data protection

    Special Report -  RAID has evolved in the last 20 years, but the core concept of combining drives to protect data lives on regardless of the methods used.

  • Applying ITIL best practices to storage explained

    Misc -  More and more storage managers are embracing the ITIL framework of best practices.

  • The inside scoop on content-addressed storage (CAS) technology

    CAS Explained -  The sweet spot for content-addressed storage is still secondary storage -- the long-term retention of content for compliance purposes, and the archiving of vast amounts of data that rarely changes. But some CAS vendors are starting to go after the active...

  • Self-healing storage explained

    Self-healing storage expl -  Today's IT environment requires a highly reliable foundation of storage where most failures are prevented, and if not prevented, then resolved in place. A self-healing array that eliminates up to 70 percent of drive failures and can then cover the...

  • NAS virtualization explained

    NAS virtualization explai -  NAS virtualization can refer to the ability to virtualize multiple NAS heads into a single virtualized file system or the ability to spawn multiple virtual file servers within a physical file server. But because more and more NAS devices must serve files...

  • How to create Tier 0 storage by leveraging solid-state drive technology

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    Tier 0 storage using SSDs -  With prices of solid-state drive (SSD) technology dropping, companies are starting to use SSD technology in a high-performance tier of storage called Tier 0.