Storage consolidation overview

Storage Storage consolidation overview:

Storage consolidation overview

This storage consolidation chapter gives you general guidelines and outlines the overarching issues. You'll also find other resources to help in your research.

Storage consolidation additional resources:

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  • Don't let NAS consolidation impair performance

    Tip -  Learn how to avoid some common NAS upgrade mistakes.

  • Purchasing strategies for storage consolidation efforts

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    Buying Guide -  Storage sprawl has become a problem for many organizations. Storage administrators are fighting back by consolidating storage hardware in order to simplify their storage environments. However, storage consolidation isn't simply a matter of buying new...

  • Is there any value in storage consolidation?

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     | 22 Mar 2006

    Column -  Do the benefits of storage consolidation outweigh the drawbacks? Jon Toigo doesn't think so. Read what this storage guru has to say about the phenomena of consolidation.


Storage consolidation pros and cons:

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  • Storage consolidation: Weighing the pros and cons

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    All-in-One Guide -  Storage consolidation holds out the promise of more efficient storage management. But pitfalls include slower network performance and a difficult data migration process.