Storage area network switches

Storage area network switches

In this chapter of the Storage Area Network (SAN) Guide, you'll learn about the characteristics for some of the most popular switch classes -- blade, director and intelligent.

Blade switch:

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Director class switch:

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  • Not just a big switch

    28 Feb 2006

    Article -  Fibre Channel directors don't just provide lots of ports, they also offer ways to connect disparate SANs, isolate data and devices within a fabric, and configure throughput for specific applications. We look at how the big three directors match up.

  • Switch-level storage virtualization

    Tech Closeup -  Virtualization allows administrators to gather, organize, allocate and manage storage hardware without regard for the applications or servers that use it. When properly implemented, storage virtualization eliminates forgotten or partially -used disks,...

Intelligent switch:

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  • Switch upgrades and replacements

    SAN Expansion Best Practi -  In this chapter of our guide to SAN expansion best practices, you'll learn about the physical limitations of switches, how to architect the switching infrastructure and how to find opportunities to deploy ISCSI.

Storage area network switches overview:

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  • All you need to know about storage area network switches

    03 Apr 2008

    Article -  Today, many storage area network switches provide powerful features that can help administrators organize and manage the storage network, including storage virtualization, provisioning/zoning, ISL trunking, performance planning and security features like...

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