Storage area network provisioning

Storage area network management-Storage Area Network

Storage area network provisioning

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  • LUN management at the heart of SAN configuration

    LUNs Explained -  LUNs are the basic vehicle for delivering storage, but provisioning SAN storage isn't just a matter of creating LUNs or volumes; the SAN fabric itself must be configured so that disks and their LUNs are matched to the appropriate servers. Proper...

  • SAN consolidation strategies

    Feature -  As islands of SANs proliferate in companies, the cost of storage can soar. Sound SAN design strategies allow companies to reduce the number of SAN islands, strengthen a primary SAN, make storage easier to manage and provide more data protection.

  • Thin provisioning, coined by 3Pardata, raises eyebrows

    12 May 2006

    Article -  Users experience mixed results using a feature pioneered by 3Pardata called thin provisioning, a quick way to add storage capacity to an application.