Storage area network management-Storage Area Network

Storage Storage area network management-Storage Area Network:

Storage area network management-Storage Area Network

This chapter of our All-in-One Guide on storage area networks is all about management; RAID configuration, provisioning, performance capacity management and troubleshooting.

Storage area network management overview:

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  • SAN management refresher

    31 Mar 2008

    Article -  If you're new to storage area network technology, or just need to refresh the basics, this guide covers the essential concepts of configuration, provisioning, performance and capacity management, and monitoring and troubleshooting.

RAID configuration:

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  • How to choose the correct RAID level

    Tip -  This tip offers nine things to consider when deciding which RAID level is right for your organization's needs.

  • Growing a RAID group by adding old drives

    Ask the Expert -  Storage management expert Ashley D'Costa answers a reader's question: "Can I add old RAID parts I've collected in my repair shop to my existing server?"

  • RAID 4 vs. RAID 5

    Ask the Expert -  Storage management expert Ashley D'Costa discusses RAID 4 vs. RAID 5.

Storage area network performance-capacity:

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Storage area network monitoring-troubleshooting:

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  • Seven ways to protect high-value information on SANs

    Tip -  Controlling access to your SAN, using hard zoning and establishing a good key management can keep your data safe. Learn more about these techniques and others in this tip.

  • RAID technology adds reliability and overcomes concerns

    RAID Explained -  RAID's evolution of storage servers and arrays is quietly influenced by the continuing advancement of hard disks and disk controlling hardware. Storage administrators must understand the changes that are taking place, and position their organizations to...

  • SAN security benefits

    Ask the Expert -  SAN expert Greg Schulz discusses the security benefits of SAN technology.


Storage area network provisioning:

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  • LUN management at the heart of SAN configuration

    LUNs Explained -  LUNs are the basic vehicle for delivering storage, but provisioning SAN storage isn't just a matter of creating LUNs or volumes; the SAN fabric itself must be configured so that disks and their LUNs are matched to the appropriate servers. Proper...

  • SAN consolidation strategies

    Feature -  As islands of SANs proliferate in companies, the cost of storage can soar. Sound SAN design strategies allow companies to reduce the number of SAN islands, strengthen a primary SAN, make storage easier to manage and provide more data protection.

  • Thin provisioning, coined by 3Pardata, raises eyebrows

    12 May 2006

    Article -  Users experience mixed results using a feature pioneered by 3Pardata called thin provisioning, a quick way to add storage capacity to an application.

PDF download-Storage area network management:

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