Storage acquisition and decision making

Data provisioning and growth

Storage acquisition and decision making

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  • Storage provisioning best practices

    Tip -  Storage provisioning can be a tricky practice, especially when you factor in that it needs to be done manually. List here are eight best practices when it comes to provisioning.

  • The right way to provision storage

    26 Oct 2006

    Article -  Provisioning storage is mostly a manual job. But you can still tune your storage for greater performance and higher disk utilization.

  • Spotlight: Provisioning

    20 Jan 2005

    Article -  With these articles, tips and expert advice on provisioning we can help take a bit of the 'T' out of tedious provisioning.

  • Six requirements for successful provisioning

    Tip -  Before you even think of provisioning new storage, it's essential to create specific procedures for this multilevel process.