Storage Virtualization Special Report

Storage Storage Virtualization Special Report:

Special Report: Storage virtualization

Storage Virtualization Special Report

This special report provides insight into the intimidating process of choosing a storage virtualization device. It includes a podcast with storage expert George Crump, a storage virtualization product roundup as well an in-depth look at how storage virtualization has come to be so important.

Display in sets of:
  • Admins remain unsure what to do with storage virtualization

    Special Report -  Even though storage virtualization has been around for awhile, admins are still not sold on the idea of implementing it in their shops. It could be that storage virtualization has some explaining to do.

  • A guide to storage virtualization

    Feature -  Few technologies are more confusing than storage virtualization. Without a guide to explain the different storage virtualization solutions, storage administrators who want to deploy this technology will be lost.

  • Product Roundup: Storage virtualization

    Special Report -  Users can pick the storage virtualization product that's right for them by focusing on the storage management features they want to consolidate.

  • Podcast: Issues you'll face implementing storage virtualization

    Podcast -  What advantages can storage virtualization bring to storage environments? What about downsides? In this podcast, hear about the issues storage pros face when virtualizing storage.