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In this section, learn all about Serial-attached SCSI and the advantages it may offer over older parallel technologies

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  • Are SAS disks a good investment?

    FAQ -  In the near term, SAS won't make much of a dent in the high-end Fibre Channel drive market, but SAS may displace Fibre Channel deployments in the mid- and entry-market price bands.

  • New connections: SAS and iSCSI HBAs

    Feature -  Serial-attached SCSI and iSCSI host bus adapters (HBAs) represent the latest in server-to-storage connectivity technologies. Tailored to specifically address the needs of two emerging storage protocols, these new HBAs can ensure that performance isn't...

  • Will SAS and SATA replace SCSI technology?

    Tip -  Learn where to use SCSI, SAS and SATA drives.

  • Serial-attached SCSI quiz

    Learning Center -  How much do you know about Serial-attached SCSI (SAS) technology besides its attractive low cost and speed? Take our Quiz and see how SAS savvy you really are.

  • Implementing SAS storage

    Tip -  This tip offers advice on how to carefully lay out your topology, choose an appropriate mix of SAS and SATA drives and plan for future growth before setting up a SAS system.

  • New SAS products spark debate

    28 Oct 2005

    Article -  Recently announced SAS products have renewed the debate over whether SAS will push out Fibre Channel or SATA in the data center.

  • SAS -- Hurry up and wait

    04 Oct 2005

    Article -  SAS announcements are coming quickly, as vendors race to lay claim to being first to market with servers and arrays based on the successor to parallel SCSI disk drive technology.

  • First SAS products arrive

    04 Oct 2005

    Article -  With a wave of new SAS products about to be released, some storage vendors are ratcheting up campaigns that promote SAS as the inevitable next step in the evolution of SCSI.

  • SAS drives product roundup

    21 Sep 2005

    Article -  Serial-attached SCSI (or SAS) drives offer significant storage capacity at a much lower cost, while maintaining reasonable performance. Find out who the vendors are in this market.

  • Smaller, speedier SAS array steps out

    22 Jun 2005

    Article -  Fujitsu's SAS array, which offers users faster data transmission speeds in a smaller footprint, hits the shelves.