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SAN management-Related information

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  • Managing growing SANs

    Ask the Expert -  SAN expert Greg Schulz explains how to manage a growing SAN.

  • How to improve SAN utilization

    Tip -  Improve the utilization of your SAN in terms of performance, capacity and availability. These tips can be applied in principal to FC, iSCSI or InfiniBand block-based SANs, as well as NFS or CIFS file-based NAS environments.

  • SAN certifications for storage pros

    Ask the Expert -  SAN expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader who asked: What SAN related certifications should I pursue?

  • Testing iSCSI SAN performance with Iometer

    Tip -  Iometer, a performance test tool for tuning Windows environments, can also be used to tune performance in iSCSI SANs. The tool lets you simulate the SAN's performance by setting many of the parameters and running tests. Repeated runs with different...

  • How to improve your storage vendor's tech support

    Tip -  A survey of Fortune 1000 companies by TheInfoPro found widespread user dissatisfaction with technical support from storage vendors. Here's how to improve that support.

  • SMI-S: Customers want it, so what's the problem?

    Tip -  SMI-S is gaining acceptance among users, but until vendors offer products with complete capabilities, full-scale adoption could be a way off.