Retrieving email and database archives

Storage Retrieving email and database archives:

Retrieving email and database archives

This chapter focuses on the considerations involved in email/database archives with a particular emphasis on retention and search to meet legal discovery requirements.

Retrieving email and database archives overview:

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Retrieving email and database archives related information:

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  • Is it important to capture email metadata in the archive? Why?

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    FAQ -  In my opinion, the answer is "yes." Email normally has some metadata associated with it, including: where it came from, the server path, etc. If the company is sued (or is suing another company), they will be discovering (or asking for) emails within the...

  • What is email archive indexing? Which type do you recommend?

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    FAQ -  There is a wide range of indexing capabilities, and most people and companies don't think about this until after they've gone out and spent a lot of money on a solution. For us, "indexing" means that each email is opened as it is moved to an archive, and...

  • Tiered storage becoming tried and true

    Tiered Storage Explained -  Tiered storage matches the value of data with the performance (and expense) of storage. Ideally, tiered storage can save money, while easing the access demands to any single storage tier. While tiered storage has clearly brought storage costs and...