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Resource Library

In our All-in-One Resource Library, we've compiled a quick guide where you'll easily find information on such topics as e-vaulting, tiered storage, compliance and remote data replication. It doesn't matter if you're new to the storage arena or a beginner, this is the place for all storage professionals to get the information they need quickly.

  • Data storage handbooks

    Learn about storage technologies such as RAID, iSCSI, data deduplication and SATA.

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  • FAQs

    This compilation of storage FAQs provide answers for both beginner and advanced enterprise storage professionals. Learn what storage experts have to say on storage topics, such as data protection, email archiving, FCoE, RAID and file virtualization.

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  • Feature stories

    Stay on top of the game with our feature stories covering the latest information on storage technologies, such as enterprise archiving.

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  • Podcasts

    SearchStorage editors are always looking for new ways to make it easier and quicker for our readers to keep up with the latest in storage technologies. Here you'll find a list of expert podcasts discussing storage virtualization, email archiving, solid-state drive and more for you to listen to or download in minutes.

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  • Storage explained

    Our Storage Explained series of articles will give you an in-depth understanding of leading-edge storage technologies in order to help you leverage these technologies in your storage infrastructure.

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  • Storage quizzes and exams

    School's in session all year long at Test your knowledge of storage technology with our series of exams and quizzes.

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