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Remote backup

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  • Best Practices: Sorting out remote-office backup

    Feature -  Remote-office data has always been something of a corporate orphan when it came to backup. Once upon a time, "out of sight, out of mind" might have worked, but times have changed. Regulatory compliance, legal liability issues and the cost of producing...

  • Take full advantage of the remote replication process

    Tip -  With the increasing availability of cost-efficient products, many view remote data replication as the DR strategy of choice to address tighter RTO and offsite media handling issues. This tip outlines the other considerations you should keep in mind that...

  • Oracle replication for failover

    Ask the Expert -  This advice explains the process of replicating Oracle data between a primary and secondary site.

  • Hot-hot replication with EMC's SRDF?

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Evan Marcus offers an answer to the question: "Is hot-hot replication possible with EMC's SRDF?"

  • Remote replication gets out of the array

    Tip -  SRDF has its limitations: It's extremely expensive and only works within Symmetrix environments.