Related information-Virtual Server Backup FAQ

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Virtual Server Backup FAQ

Related information-Virtual Server Backup FAQ

We've compiled some of the valuable expert advice and learning features on virtual server backup available on here for your convenience.

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  • Virtual server backup tutorial

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    Virtualization School -  Virtual server backup tools are crucial. But if you don’t properly implement a VM backup strategy, as described in this backup tutorial, performance may suffer.

  • Avoiding storage-related bottlenecks in virtualized environments

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    Tip -  Although virtual machines can be managed like physical ones, many factors must be taken into account when designing a storage infrastructure for a virtualized environment. The only way storage managers can avoid storage-related performance bottlenecks...

  • Corral virtual server backup

    Feature -  The popularity of VMware virtual servers has grown significantly in the last few years, prompting questions about how to back them up. In an exclusive excerpt from his new book, Backup & Recovery: Inexpensive Backup Solutions for Open Systems, W. Curtis...