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  • User connects EMC Clariions over Cisco for DR

    25 Apr 2006

    Article -  It took five rounds of talks with EMC and some technical help from Cisco, but AQR Capital has a working DR plan connecting EMC Clariions over 50 miles using Cisco.

  • Directors take on more tasks

    28 Feb 2006

    Article -  The competition among director-class products has never been more intense. If you're considering directors for the first time, or re-examining your fabric strategy, here's what you need to know.

  • Switch partitions gain steam

    Tip -  If you're looking to consolidate SANs, without giving up the benefits of keeping your sites physically separate, the new switch partitioning capabilities might be for you.

  • McData router connects multi-vendor SANs

    28 Sep 2004

    Article -  The Eclipse 2640 SAN router interconnects multi-vendor switches, as well as providing distance connectivity over iFCP.

  • SAN zoning: What is zoning and what are the different types of zoning?

    Tip -  Read the definition of SAN zoning, find out how zoning works and learn about different types of SAN zoning and when to use them, in this expert tip.