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Tiered storage data migration tools

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  • Why RAID rebuilds obstruct data migration

    Ask the Expert -  The best way to migrate data from 400 GB SATA disks to 750 GB SATA disks calls for a consolidated mid-tier storage solution. If your company does not have a significant enough storage management to justify the purchase of such a solution, your data...

  • Migrating data in NAS gateway configurations

    Tip -  There are four approaches for migrating data between NAS gateway systems. For storage administrators, the problem is how to maintain data availability during the migration.

  • Automated data migration: Choosing technology for ILM

    Tip -  This tip looks at automated data movement in a tiered storage environment to support ILM; performance and capacity load balancing; compliance; and technology upgrades or replacements. Learn what you need to be aware of when implementing automated data...

  • Data migration: Proceed with caution

    Feature -  This first of a three-part series on data migration products focuses on host-level data migration products. Data migration apps can automate, centralize and simplify data migrations while ensuring data integrity.

  • Managing data migration among storage tiers

    Tip -  Rick Cook outlines a number of approaches to tiered data migration.