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Tiered storage data classification tools

Related information-Tiered storage data classification tools

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  • Why you should perform data classification

    Tip -  Regardless of how daunting a task it may be, understanding the data we store is the first step in addressing data management issues. This tip outlines some of the main reasons why data classification is essential.

  • A step-by-step approach to data classification

    Feature -  The most common shortcoming of a data classification project is the perception that it can be completed through technical analysis at the storage layer without engaging business users. While discovering and analyzing storage is part of the process, good...

  • What's holding up ILM?

    Feature -  While vendors work to fill in the gaps in the information lifecycle management stack and connect the pieces, IT and business units must hammer out a manageable set of policies to drive the ILM process in their organizations.

  • Data classification is end users' job

    30 May 2006

    Article -  Without a proper data classification scheme, ILM is putting the cart before the horse, and some shops are pushing the job of classifying files down to users.

  • Buyer's Guide: Data classification tools

    08 May 2006

    Article -  Automated tools play an important role in the data classification process. Many tools allow administrators to discover the data resources that are available, apply uniform classification rules to data across the entire enterprise, create and manage a...

  • What data classification can do for you

    Feature -