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Related information-Storage virtualization software

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  • Storage virtualization moves from hype to reality

    29 Sep 2006

    Article -  Slowly but surely, storage virtualization products like IBM's SVC and Incipient's new switch-based product are seeing real adoption.

  • Storage virtualization soothes utilization, management pains

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    20 Jul 2006

    Article -  The biggest problem with today's disk proliferation is waste -- typical storage platforms usually run at less than 60% utilization. This leaves expensive disk capacity unused, and more storage capacity is often purchased without optimizing the existing...

  • Approaching storage-virtualization products

    16 Sep 2005

    Column -  You know you want to implement some sort of storage virtualization, but where do you start? Tony Asaro lays out a number of different approaches to storage virtualization that will help you choose which product or products are best for you.

  • Strategic Storage: Storage virtualization -- Is it soup yet?

    07 Apr 2005

    Article -  Users are showing new interest in this long-simmering technology, and mainstream acceptance could finally be on the way.