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Enterprise switch upgrades

Related information-Enterprise switch upgrades

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  • Director vs. switch

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Greg Schulz outlines things to consider when choosing switches for a SAN.

  • Switch-level storage virtualization

    Tech Closeup -  Virtualization allows administrators to gather, organize, allocate and manage storage hardware without regard for the applications or servers that use it. When properly implemented, storage virtualization eliminates forgotten or partially -used disks,...

  • Not just a big switch

    28 Feb 2006

    Article -  Fibre Channel directors don't just provide lots of ports, they also offer ways to connect disparate SANs, isolate data and devices within a fabric, and configure throughput for specific applications. We look at how the big three directors match up.

  • Storage 101: Using a director switch

    Tip -  This tip outlines the features of a director switch and details the reasons a director could be advantageous to your particular SAN system.

  • Differences between a two-switch fabric and a full fabric

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Arun Taneja discusses the differences between a two-switch fabric and a full fabric.

  • How to choose the best SAN or LAN switch

    Tip -  Looking to buy a SAN or LAN switch? Here are key questions to ask before you make a product choice.