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Related information-Data Protection FAQ

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  • 10 key considerations for email archiving

    Feature -  If you haven't standardized on an email archiving product, it can be time-consuming to find one that fits your company's needs. We list the 10 questions that will help you narrow down the list of available products and find the one that best suits your...

  • Disk backup in 2008: CDP continues to evolve

    (presented by


    30 Apr 2008

    Article -  Over the past year, CDP has evolved from a standalone product to a common backup software feature. This article outlines CDP's evolution and details where it stands today.

  • Riverbed customers cry foul over AutoCAD incompatibility

    06 Mar 2008

    Article -  AutoCAD's latest file system throws off Riverbed's hashing algorithms and stops it from deduplicating files. Users fear the problem will extend to other apps and storage networks.

  • Tutorial on purchasing virtual tape libraries

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    Buying Guide -  VTLs provide the benefits of disk storage in a system that emulates a tape library to existing backup software. If you're selecting a VTL, here is the criteria for evaluating VTLs, as well as a series of specifications to help you compare products from...