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Capacity planning tools

Related information-Capacity planning tools

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  • How to improve SAN utilization

    Tip -  Improve the utilization of your SAN in terms of performance, capacity and availability. These tips can be applied in principal to FC, iSCSI or InfiniBand block-based SANs, as well as NFS or CIFS file-based NAS environments.

  • Data storage management overview: Chapter 1 - Data provisioning and growth

    13 Jul 2006

    Article -  This chapter of the All-In-One Guide explains the importance of performance and capacity planning to remain one step ahead of data storage needs. You'll also see how migration tools can be used to move or consolidate data across the data center, and...

  • Out of capacity: What now?

    Tip -  This tip discusses how to avoid running out of storage capacity by evaluating your options, investigating re-allocation and knowing where to turn if you can't solve the problem yourself.

  • Balance costs and demands for proper storage allocation

    Tip -  Effective storage acquisition requires a clear understanding of your applications' I/O, storage capacity, service and availability requirements. This tip details how to balance costs and demands for proper storage allocation based upon your needs and...

  • Five tips for forecasting storage resource needs

    Tip -  Here are five ways to forecast your storage resource needs more accurately.

  • Storage arrays: Practical guide to buying and implementing

    20 Oct 2005

    Article -  Storage arrays can bring huge storage capacities to a data center. Critical corporate data is protected by allocating some array disks for RAID tasks, and tiered storage matches drive cost, reliability, and performance against the value of corporate...