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  • How to write an archiving program RFP

    Feature -  With so many archiving systems on the market, putting together a request for proposal (RFP) for an archiving program for structured, semistructured or unstructured data is a key step. It's equally important that your team is well-prepared to evaluate...

  • Long-term archiving

    Feature -  With some legislative requirements mandating data be kept for as long as 70 years, your organization needs an archiving plan that defines what data needs to be kept and why. But don't overlook how you'll restore old data when it needs to be accessed.

  • Email archiving implementation: What you need to consider

    Tip -  Selecting an email archiving application based solely on functionality may result in unexpected administration costs. Considering the following 10 points before deploying an email archive can help you hang onto your loot.

  • Speed backups by pruning data

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    Tip -  Setting policy about what types of files you back up, using e-mail archiving software and backing up applications separately from your data can drastically improve backup performance.

  • Archiving unstructured data

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    Tip -  Companies must find ways to automate and simplify the process of archiving files and e-mail messages. ECM software addresses this large pool of unstructured data.

  • Choosing a compliance archiving tool

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    Tip -  This Tech Roundup discusses how compliance archiving tools are used, how they are evolving and what the competitive landscape looks like.