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RAID levels-explainers

Brush up on RAID and all of its levels here.

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  • RAID types/levels and benefits explained

    Ask the Expert -  RAID can allow for better storage performance and higher availability, and there are many different RAID types. Read a comparison of RAID levels, as explained by our expert.

  • RAID technology quiz

    07 Aug 2008

    Article -  Take a few minutes and test yourself on RAID technology. Do you know which RAID type is the fastest or which one is seen in SATA environments? Challenge your co-workers to a RAID pop quiz showdown, and find out who's the mighty RAIDer in your shop.

  • RAID levels defined

    Tip -  This tip offers a listing of the RAID levels in use today and details the characteristics and applications of each.

  • RAID: It's alive

    Tip -  RAID is still relevant today, possibly even more than in the past. However, it has become a transparent, standard feature that isn't often discussed. This tip outlines the state of RAID today.

  • Is RAID in general an obsolete technology today?

    FAQ -  This is a technology that is so commonly used, so transparent, that we really don't even think about it...

  • RAID technology adds reliability and overcomes concerns

    RAID Explained -  RAID's evolution of storage servers and arrays is quietly influenced by the continuing advancement of hard disks and disk controlling hardware. Storage administrators must understand the changes that are taking place, and position their organizations to...

  • Cannot retrieve data from RAID

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Greg Schulz offers troubleshooting suggestions for a user whose RAID array can't communicate with four units of PowerMac G5 Quad Core.

  • How many disk drives do you need for RAID 10?

    Ask the Expert -  What is the minimum number of disk drives you can have in a RAID 10 array? I have read you must have at least four, but our server admin said it is HP's default, and he can do it on just two drives. This is on a Window Server 2003 with a total of four 72...

  • RAID striping

    Ask the Expert -  This advice discusses the performace impact of RAID striping at the array and OS level.

  • RAID-3: What is it good for?

    Tip -  You don't hear much about RAID-3, but it has its uses. Find out when to use RAID-3 and why.