Performance and capacity planning

Data provisioning and growth

Performance and capacity planning

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  • Storage capacity technologies: They're worth a try

    21 Apr 2006

    Column -  A number of storage capacity technologies allow you to squeeze a lot of data in a given amount of disk storage, but they all work differently and have implications on scalability and performance. We look at a variety of approaches, consider their pros...

  • Out of capacity: What now?

    Tip -  This tip discusses how to avoid running out of storage capacity by evaluating your options, investigating re-allocation and knowing where to turn if you can't solve the problem yourself.

  • Is there any value in storage consolidation?

    22 Mar 2006

    Column -  Do the benefits of storage consolidation outweigh the drawbacks? Jon Toigo doesn't think so. Read what this storage guru has to say about the phenomena of consolidation.

  • Storage performance testing - Future directions

    10 Mar 2006

    Article -  Knowing how a system will run in the data center -- and predicting its limitations in your particular environment -- is absolutely essential for storage managers. Solid performance data can be an invaluable guide for making new acquisitions, allowing...