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Other disk drives

Read more about other disk drives available in the market including ATA and SCSI

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  • What are the most important new disk drive technologies?

    FAQ -  The first 1 terabyte hard disk drives have appeared. What will be the impact of hard disk drive technologies such as perpendicular recording, 2.5-inch high-performance drives, secure erase, encryption and hybrid technology drives?

  • How are demands for drive power changing?

    FAQ -  Each new generation of drives offers better capacity and performance but is generally using less power -- at spin-up as well as during normal operation.

  • FC vs. iSCSI: Five tips in five minutes

    Tip -  Recently, there has been a buzz among storage pros about how FC and iSCSI stack up. Check out this expert advice, so you can decide what is right for your organization.

  • ISCSI vs. FC performance: A closer look

    Tip -  Think that FC is faster than iSCSI? Vice versa? Storage expert Tony Asaro explains why the real answer may surprise you.

  • FC and SCSI drive resiliency

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader who asked a question regarding FC and SCSI drive resiliency.