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  • How do NAS appliances and NAS heads play into file virtualization?

    FAQ -  We have to be concerned with the definition of file virtualization. On one hand, we define it as a technology that...

  • Upstart tops NAS vendors

    Feature -  In our second edition of the Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Award for NAS systems, large NAS vendors like Network Appliance and EMC scored well, but a lesser known company emerged as the surprise winner of enterprise NAS.

  • Rein in NAS with file virtualization

    Feature -  NAS filers have sprung up largely unchecked in many companies, creating major management headaches and forcing companies to reevaluate how they handle this critical piece of storage infrastructure. File virtualization appliances can address multiple...

  • How does IP storage differ from iSCSI, NAS and Fibre Channel?

    FAQ -  Generically, IP storage involves any storage functionality that is leveraging TCP/IP as a network transport...

  • When should I use a SAN vs. NAS or iSCSI?

    FAQ -  It's often a matter of block vs. file...

  • Five ways to add capacity to a NAS system

    Tip -  NAS expert Randy Kerns offers some actions to take in order to find more space on your NAS system.

  • How SMBs can select a NAS system

    Tip -  The key factors an SMB should consider for making a NAS system selection and some of usage areas that may have an effect on the choice are outlined in this tip.

  • NAS: How does a client access files?

    Ask the Expert -  NAS expert Randy Kerns offers advice to a reader who asked: "How does NAS appear to machines accessing files from it?"

  • Four ways to consolidate NAS boxes

    Tip -  The first NAS box installs without a hitch, but the more filers you install the more your problems grow. Consolidating NAS brings huge benefits to your storage environment.

  • CIFS benchmarks, please

    Ask the Expert -  Learn more about why there isn't a good benchmark tool to measure CIFS performance in a meaningful manner like IOPS over the network and what currently is being done to develop CIFS benchmarks.