Network attached storage management

Network attached storage management

Network attached storage management is the second chapter in our All-in-One Guide to NAS. Here you will find articles, expert advice and tips about backing up NAS, high availability NAS and clustering, and NAS virtualization.

Backing up network attached storage:

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High availability network attached storage clustering:

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Network attached storage management overview:

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  • Network-attached storage management overview

    08 Jun 2006

    Article -  Adding NAS devices to the network will eventually impose a serious level of management overhead for storage managers. Organizations that plan to deploy NAS boxes should make provisions for NAS management.

Network attached storage virtualization:

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  • Rein in NAS with file virtualization

    Feature -  NAS filers have sprung up largely unchecked in many companies, creating major management headaches and forcing companies to reevaluate how they handle this critical piece of storage infrastructure. File virtualization appliances can address multiple...

  • Product Roundup: File virtualization

    Special Report -  Some file virtualization products allow storage administrators to manage multiple existing heterogeneous NAS devices from one console. Others provide a virtual file system known as a global namespace.

  • File virtualization eliminates NAS sprawl headaches

    Special Report -  A survey shows that user interest in file virtualization is about to crest because organizations are no longer waiting to encounter the problem of file sprawl to deploy it.