Network-attached storage hardware

What is network-attached storage?

Network-attached storage hardware

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  • High-performance NAS speeds file-based storage

    High-Performance NAS Expl -  Traditionally, NAS systems have had limitations in throughput, connectivity, reliability and scalability. As a result, mission-critical storage tasks still required a SAN. Today, a new generation of high-performance NAS systems promises to overcome past...

  • How to purchase the right NAS appliance

    Buying Guide -  NAS appliances are frequently touted for bringing convenience and simplicity to network storage. Appliances include their own dedicated disks for storage and RAID, and most NAS appliances can be upgraded with more or larger disks for additional storage...

  • NAS appliance specifications

    Buying Guide -  NAS appliances are noted for their convenience, offering dedicated internal storage that is relatively straightforward to identify and manage. The biggest issue for NAS appliances is avoiding network bottlenecks and supporting expansion without having to...

  • Migrating data in NAS gateway configurations

    Tip -  There are four approaches for migrating data between NAS gateway systems. For storage administrators, the problem is how to maintain data availability during the migration.