NAS management software

Storage NAS management software:

NAS management software

Typical NAS management software might automatically discover a vendor's storage resources in a network, manage and adjust RAID configurations, back up NAS contents to standard backup software, track storage utilization and offer capacity growth predictions, and even monitor other storage systems that it cannot directly control. While NAS management software is increasingly versatile, it is also more complex, so the selection process requires careful consideration. Now that you've reviewed the essential issues involved in any NAS product, this Buying Guide focuses on specific considerations for NAS management software. You'll also find a series of specifications to help make on-the-spot product comparisons between vendors.

NAS management software product specifications:

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  • NAS management software specifications

    Buying Guide -  Network attached storage (NAS) appliances and gateways must be configured and managed using NAS management software that allows administrators to allocate space, manage RAID and storage behaviors, perform routine maintenance, and other tasks. Management...

NAS management software purchase considerations:

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    06 Jul 2005

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