NAS hardware and architecture

Storage NAS hardware and architecture:

Advanced network attached storage

NAS hardware and architecture

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  • Choosing a low-end NAS product

    Tip -  Many low-end NAS products are designed for personal or home office use. However, there are some products on the market suitable for certain SMB or enterprise-level applications. Learn what you need to consider before deploying a low-end NAS product.

  • How SMBs can select a NAS system

    Tip -  The key factors an SMB should consider for making a NAS system selection and some of usage areas that may have an effect on the choice are outlined in this tip.

  • NICs in NAS systems

    Ask the Expert -  NAS expert Randy Kerns answers the question: "Is it typical, when using a NAS appliance, that a host/server would have 2xNICs installed?"

  • NAS vs. DAS

    Ask the Expert -  NAS expert Randy Kerns offers advice to a reader who is considering whether to use NAS or DAS.

  • NAS appliance vs. homegrown file server

    Ask the Expert -  NAS expert Randy Kerns outlines why he believes purchasing a vendor offering of a NAS product has advantages over rolling your own file server.

  • SAN and NAS (heads), together at last

    Ask the Expert -  NAS expert Randy Kerns responds to a reader who asked: I have recently heard of a solution that has a large SAN in place but is still making use of "NAS heads" in part of the solution as well. Are you familiar with this?