Midrange storage arrays

Storage Midrange storage arrays:

Midrange storage arrays

Smaller organizations typically have lower overall storage requirements and fewer users, so the demand for capacity and performance are not so acute. Instead, the midsized storage enterprise favors attributes like cost and ease. Midrange storage arrays hold a limited number of disk drives and can be far less expensive than large enterprise-class behemoths -- often providing a modular footprint that can scale within the rack as storage needs grow. This Buying Guide focuses on specific considerations for midrange disk array systems. You'll also find a series of specifications to help make on-the-spot product comparisons between vendors, including 3PARdata Inc., EqualLogic Inc., Hitachi Data Systems Inc. (HDS) and Sun Microsystems Inc.

Midrange storage array purchase considerations:

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  • Midrange storage array buying guide

    Buying Guide -  Midrange disk arrays cover a lot of ground in today's storage organizations. For example, a midrange disk array can start with about 10 terabytes (TB) using 20 drives -- all the way up to 500 disk systems offering 250 TB or more. But midsized storage...

Midrange storage array specifications:

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  • Product snapshots: Midrange storage array products

    Buying Guide -  The key for many smaller organizations is to meet their storage needs without adding personnel or increasing the workload on IT professionals that are already overworked. Scalability and data protection are certainly important, and data migration between...

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