Lesson 3: SAN management and security

Storage Lesson 3: SAN management and security:

Lesson 3: SAN management and security

There's no use in building your storage network if you can't manage or secure it. Lesson 3 of Advanced SAN School is dedicated to helping you understand the nuances of SAN management and protection.

In this podcast, instructor Stephen Foskett explains what the options are for management tools. He'll dissect array management, change management, virtualization and more to help you manage your environment. Tips in this podcast will help reduce costs on what is the most expensive portion of owning a SAN.

The second half of this talk will center on security. Historically, storage managers have cared little about securing their fabrics. But, with the looming promise of IP SAN and added pressures from internal and external forces, security management must be taken into consideration.

This last lesson will look at authentication, encryption and securing management interfaces.