Implementing RAID

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Implementing RAID

This segment of our RAID chapter focuses on implementation issues

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  • How to choose the correct RAID level

    Tip -  This tip offers nine things to consider when deciding which RAID level is right for your organization's needs.

  • External SATA RAID array vs. system replacement

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Ashley D'Costa answers a reader's question about the benefits of using an external SATA RAID array over replacing his entire system.

  • Is RAID in general an obsolete technology today?

    FAQ -  This is a technology that is so commonly used, so transparent, that we really don't even think about it...

  • Best Practices: Balance workloads with RAID types

    Feature -  Vendors will tell you how beautifully parity-based RAID works in their storage subsystems, making it almost unnecessary to use any type of striped/mirrored RAID protection. But if you don't match the workload profile of the application to how storage is...

  • RAID technology adds reliability and overcomes concerns, page 2

    RAID Explained -  Today, the growing prominence of slower, high-capacity SATA drives are raising serious concerns about storage reliability, and dual-parity techniques like RAID-6 are emerging to combat the specter of multiple simultaneous drive failures. Larger drives...

  • Decreasing I/O latency in RAID array

    Ask the Expert -  Greg Schulz offers troubleshooting advice for a reader looking to decrease I/O latency in a RAID-5 array.

  • How many disk drives do you need for RAID 10?

    Ask the Expert -  What is the minimum number of disk drives you can have in a RAID 10 array? I have read you must have at least four, but our server admin said it is HP's default, and he can do it on just two drives. This is on a Window Server 2003 with a total of four 72...

  • Software vs. hardware RAID

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Evan Marcus compares software and hardware RAID and outlines the benefits and drawbacks of each.

  • Setting up RAID

    Ask the Expert - 

  • Choose the right RAID level for DBMS

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    Tip -  Use these guidelines to decide what RAID level you should use for different components of an Oracle installation on Windows.