High-end disk arrays

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High-end disk arrays

This segment of our Disk Arrays chapter will focus on the high-end arrays

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  • High-end storage array specifications

    Buying Guide -  High-end disk arrays are absolutely essential for organizations that depend on high performance and huge storage capacity. Such complex platforms often demand careful attention and management, but will also include a suite of powerful features, such as...

  • Disk and disk subsystems

    Finalists: 2006 Storage P -  Find out who the finalists are for disk and disk subsystems

  • Quality Awards II: EqualLogic emerges as top midrange array

    Feature -  The second edition of the Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Awards turned up yet another surprise winner, this time for midrange arrays. In its first year in our survey, EqualLogic snagged the top spot with its PS Series of storage arrays.

  • Storage arrays: Avoiding integration problems

    20 Oct 2005

    Article -  Storage arrays can bring huge storage capacities to a data center. Critical corporate data is protected by allocating some array disks for RAID tasks, and tiered storage matches drive cost, reliability, and performance against the value of corporate...

  • Tech Roundup: Enterprise arrays

    Tip -  Enterprise arrays are big storage boxes designed for big companies -- and the competition among vendors keeps getting more intense.

  • The case for high-end arrays

    Feature -  The gap between midrange and high-end storage arrays has narrowed, enough so that the decision of which storage array to buy is less of a technical decision and more of a business one.