Storage Frequently asked questions-Email Archiving FAQ:

Frequently asked questions-Email Archiving FAQ

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Email archiving process:

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Email archiving planning-Frequently asked questions:

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  • What is email archive indexing? Which type do you recommend?

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    FAQ -  There is a wide range of indexing capabilities, and most people and companies don't think about this until after they've gone out and spent a lot of money on a solution. For us, "indexing" means that each email is opened as it is moved to an archive, and...

  • Am I out of luck if I have a "mixed" email system (e.g., Exchange and Notes)?

    FAQ -  That's a "real-life" situation that we run into many times when we've gone out and worked with companies. We might be called in by a company that has both a Microsoft Exchange and a Notes/Domino email system and they want to tie an archive together, so...

  • Does email archiving require huge amounts of bandwidth?

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    FAQ -  The answer is: "It depends." It depends on what kind of email system that you're putting in place, and how you intend to move data from the email server to the email archiving...