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Frequently asked questions

Careful planning is essential for disaster recovery. Again and again, we hear horror stories from storage pros about rapidly growing recovery times, tape loss or failure, and data loss. Check out disaster recovery expert Pierre Dorion's answers to questions about disaster recovery planning, to help you focus your organization's disaster recovery strategy.

Maybe you're past the planning stages, and you're looking to refine your processes. Check out the disaster recovery process section for Pierre's insight on such topics as disk backup and data replication, tiered storage and ILM, and offsite storage.

Pierre's answers to all of these questions are also available as an MP3 file, for you to download and take with you on the go. You can download the entire presentation or the individual questions that you are most interested in.

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Disaster recovery planning:

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  • What is the most important aspect of data protection when it comes to DR?

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    FAQ -  You could answer that with one word really, and I would have to say "testing." Just "testing." Whatever you do when you're protecting data, whether it's a backup, whether it's replication, whatever it is, make sure that you test what you put in place....

  • How far apart should my production and alternate recovery sites be?

    FAQ -  As a good consultant, I would have to use the typical answer; it depends. We have a few things to consider here. First, what kind of disaster are you trying to protect yourself (or your organization) from? Second, what is your geography like?

  • How do I identify what data to replicate and what data to simply backup?

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    FAQ -  It goes back again to the value of the data to your organization -- or the impact of losing access to this data. Typically, from a business continuity perspective, the best way to establish this is through what we call a "business impact analysis," which...


Disaster recovery process:

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  • What do tiered storage and ILM have to do with disaster recovery?

    FAQ -  That idea ties back into the topics of data growth, data control, data management and recoverability. Once you start categorizing your data based on criticality and recovery priority, it gives you an indication of your data segments. We have our...

  • Aren't backups and archives essentially the same thing?

    FAQ -  The answer to that can be a "yes" and "no." If we look at a very high level, a copy of data is a copy of data, and that's where a lot of people confuse both as being somewhat the same -- one copy is just kept longer. When we start digging into what a...

  • What is the difference between disk backup and data replication?

    FAQ -  The terms have been used interchangeably quite a bit lately because of the popularity of disk backup that is really gaining. The thing is, disk backup is technically another form of media that your backup application or solution can write to. Data...