Storage File Virtualization Special Report:

File virtualization

File Virtualization Special Report

The emergence of file virtualization products is the result of poor NAS management. NAS boxes lacked central management, and it was difficult to access files on all of the storage connected to NAS. File virtualization appliances create a layer between the file servers and the client boxes that access them. The layer manages files and file systems across servers, presenting client boxes with one logical file mount for every server, while the servers host the file data and metadata.

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  • Like a DNS server, file virtualization saves time for storage admins

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    Special Report -  File virtualization products can help storage administrators deal with NAS sprawl, replicate data, migrate files between servers and manage storage utilization policies.

  • Product Roundup: File virtualization

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    Special Report -  Some file virtualization products allow storage administrators to manage multiple existing heterogeneous NAS devices from one console. Others provide a virtual file system known as a global namespace.

  • File virtualization eliminates NAS sprawl headaches

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    Special Report -  A survey shows that user interest in file virtualization is about to crest because organizations are no longer waiting to encounter the problem of file sprawl to deploy it.